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A rave from Cabot


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Belinda, over at our community blog Ninja Poodles Local, is over the moon about the Daily Grind, a new place in Cabot. She writes:


In the last 7 days--please remember that I live in a RURAL area, so something like this is exciting--I finally managed, with my sister's and the owner's help, to get some food pictures before said food was devoured, and have attached them, because I think the beautiful food shots belong on the food blog.

Sis and I each had our kids with us, hers a 10-year-old boy and mine a 4-year-old girl.  While they both chose grilled-cheese sandwiches, his was the "grown-up" version, made with two cheeses, called the "Too Cheesy."  It's also featured once a week as a daily special, paired with fresh tomato-basil soup.  It was gone almost before my flash fired.  In the shot with it, is the kid's meal that my daughter had, which featured a smaller, more humble (but still delicious--I've tasted!) version of the grilled-cheese, with lots of kid-friendly extras.  Both are grilled panini-style, with garlic-butter.  I did not let my daughter discover that, while she was drinking plain milk, her cousin was enjoying an Italian cream soda!


Neither my sister or myself could resist, despite the allure of barbecue, once again ordering the "Birdini," another panini special, featuring turkey, swiss cheese, baby spinach, and stone-ground mustard on your choice of bread (Italian white, wheatberry or sourdough)...again grilled with a light brushing of garlic-butter.


Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we were offered the ultimate palate cleanser--a perfect lemon-ice.  I think its picture says more about it than I can, other than that the tartness and sweetness were perfectly balanced.

We were also fortunate enough this trip to sample MORE of the fine after-dinner Grind offerings, in this case a warm homemade cinnamon roll that to me was perfection--light and baked just right, not at all heavy or doughy, with just the right amount of cinnamon and carmelized sugar and buttery flavor.  To make it just a bit "extra" special, this one was drizzled with caramel sauce prior to serving.  Other options for "topping" the roll (as if it needs anything extra, which it doesn't) are chocolate and raspberry, and something else that is escaping my memory just at the moment.  Guess I'll have to go back and find out.

And remember, this place is not in Little Rock, not in NORTH Little Rock...but out on Highway 5 just north of 89, in the middle of the woods!

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