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Wanna Salsa?


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Lets talk Salsa.  My favorite is at Taqueria Karina on 65th.  Hot, spicy, and never the same twice, I just love the stuff.  It's too spicy for the wife, so she usually orders some cheese dip or guacamole (both delish). 

Another place that we've discovered that has great free chips and salsa is Mariscos de Sinaloa on Baseline Road, near Geyer Springs.  You get both a spicy green jalepeno salsa and a milder red salsa (pictured above).  Although I suspect that the heat changes daily as it does at Taqueria Karina.  Both are fresh and zesty.  The food here ain't too shabby either, but thats for another post. 


What I wanna know right now is your opinion so-

Where do you think is the best dang Salsa in Little Rock/Central Arkansas?


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