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Tastes Like Chicken?



Gator bites from Cajun Broilers in Hot Springs.  Boneless chunks of gator spiced, breaded, and deep fried in vegetable oil, these "bites" arrive at your table tender and juicy.  An appetizer plate runs about 5-6 bucks.   I think it tastes like alligator, but our cohorts (who had never had gator) believed it to taste like taste like very chewy chicken.  Blasphemy I tells ya.


Our friends ordered the crab fingers appetizer, also in the $5-$6 range.


Both were excellent.  I opted for the bottle of Cajun Garlic Sauce on the table instead of using the cocktail sauce that came with the orders.  If you haven't been here, you don't know what you're missing, but get there early- the line can get very, very long.

On Lake Hamilton, 2806 Albert Pike Hot Springs (501) 767-5695.  Get there before 6 and you can take advantage of the Early Bird Specials.  A topic for a later post. 

Who else likes the Gator?  You can apply to hunt one, ya know. 


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