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OK- not really.  We like Sushi.  Others around here must like it as well, since the Sushi places keep popping up and seem to stay in business.  I thought we'd share two of our recent faves-

First- Wasabi , 101 Main St. (Corner of Markham and Main)


We first heard of this place in the Arkansas Times.  And sure enough, we concur with the excellent review.  It's nice here, real nice.  Almost swanky.  Of course, we went on an evening of some formal event or wedding was going down and everybody was dressed to the nines.  The miso soup, ginger salad, and especially the Sushi were all excellent.  I got the Sushi combination seen above- California roll with six types of sushi.

My wife's new favorite place is Gina's Sushi and Grill at 9108 Rodney Parham Blvd (Ashley Square Shopping Center).  223-0808.


She can never pass up the Volcano roll pictured above.  The ambience is a bit more laid back here, and the prices are a bit lower. Saturday Lunch is a great time to go if you like some quiet time.  Closed Sundays.

Got a favorite Sushi spot?

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