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We're just that responsive folks....


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A reader today requests a trip to VanLang Vietnamese Restaurant. 

Okey Dokey.


I like the egg noodle soup with seafood.  Man, this stuff is good.  A meal and a half.  Most of the dadgum ocean is in this thing.  Shrimp, Mussels, Octopus, Crab, etc... $9.50



The "fixins".  Tasty Green Onions, Sprouts, Greens, etc...


In truth, these pictures were taken a week or two ago, but our reader Basil is correct- this place is amazing.   The menu is extensive, and the service is speedy.  Go shop next door at Sam's when you're done.  Corner of Asher and University.  Inexpensive to moderate prices.  Beer and Wine, except on Sunday.


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