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Faithful reader Knoc Knock provides a report on Asian food in NW Ark. that's worth greater exposure than the comment string. (Get a digital camera, will ya'? The photo is not from the restaurant, but for illustration purposes. Best we could do)


Just dined (pigged out is likely more accurate--huge servings) at Springdale's latest restaurant, E-SAN.

E-SAN offers the genuine thing in Thai and Laotian foods.

For appetizers we tried the FRESH Spring Rolls which came with two distinctly different dipping sauces. The rice skins were soaked to perfection, the lettuce inside crisp and very fresh strips of veggies inside, too. Sauces were a sweet-hot with toasted sesame and a soy-based sauce with peanut butter, ginger.

I tried a meat salad and dumplings. Both were cooked from 'scratch' and everything, including the degree of  'burn' was just as ordered. All ingredients freshly cooked. Outstanding. I overate. Note: most entries are enough for two.

My partner enjoyed a huge bowl of coconut soup made with a mild curry sauce, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, chicken (beef if desired) lemon grass, white onions.

For dessert we tried E-SAN green ice cream over sweet rice with chocolate sauce and coconut flakes. Plus an additional order of bean balls, which like the ice cream, quite good at cooling the orifices.

Price for all the above $29.   A bargain anywhere you go. 2 appetizers, 2 entries, two desserts, and two beverages.

It's now our fav Asian resturant in all of NWA, and we've tried them all.
Service was gracious, thoughtful, helpful and fast. 

Located at 2008 W. Huntsville in Springdale.

And can I say this is the prototypical kind of food review I'd love to get from all over Arkansas? Send them to me at and I'll post them. Pictures gladly received.

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