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Here's the cover art for the new Chris Denny album, sure to be one of the biggest Arkansas albums of the year. It's out August 7 on 00:02:59 Records.

Props to the label for latching on the Denny, but 00:02:59 has got to be the most retarded, impractically named record label ever. It's effectively un-googlealbe. I've written it at least ten times, and I still can't remember it. The name alone assures they'll never grow past obscurity.

Still ranting: The one-sheet that Denny's PR firm Sacks & Co. sent out to go with album says:

Denny started the album with his band The Old Soles, guest keyboardist Robbie Crowell and engineer Jason Weinheimer. However, a week into the recording, Denny realized there was a problem. "The producer and I had different visions of how these songs should go down. I knew exactly how I wanted this album to sound." So he left the studio, producer, and his recording fund and walked away. Undeterred, he curried favors with a one-room Little Rock studio for off-hour sessions, quickly rehearsed all the arrangements and set back out to finish his vision by producing himself.

Promo sheets certainly aren't to be confused with journalism, but this is just blatantly misleading. Denny started out working with Barry Poynter and Nick Devlin as producers. That didn't work out, so he went to Weinheimer and his one-room studio and off-hour sessions. Might be minutia to most, but it's this type of shit that lazy music writers everywhere parrot over and over, and it's frustrating.

End rant.

Tracklist for the new album after the jump.      1. Gypsy Into a Carpenter
2. All Burned Up
3. Westbound Train
4. When Am I Gonna Realize
5. Time
6. The Stars Above My Heart In Your Hands
7. Hearts on Fire
8. Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)
9. Goin' Home
10. I Still Miss Someone
11. Age Old Hunger

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