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Speaking of Bar-B-Q...



I thought it might be fun to do a few BBQ related posts leading up to Independence Day.  Many of us will be working the grills and smokers that day or on the weekend.  To that end, I give you two of my favorite Arkansas BBQ ingredients.


Woody's Bar-B-Q sauce is from Waldenburg, Arkansas and is absolutely divine.  It goes great on everything, like cereal for instance.  Seriously- It's turned into one of my favorite store bought BBQ sauces.  It's vinegar based, so its a little thin for some, but I find it perfect for basting ribs and other meats.  "What's This!!" seasoning blend is from Newport Arkansas.  This is my dry rub of choice.  Goes great on chicken, ribs, brisket- you name it.  You can get these at the Sauce Company in the Heights or at the State Capitol gift shop.

I would like to hear what your favorite BBQ seasonings and sauces are.  Homemade recipes are strongly encouraged.

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