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Public Service Announcement


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Today I scored an old Joy of Cooking cookbook at The Hillcrest Junk Company at 623 North Beechwood (across from the Kroger in Hillcrest).  I was told it was good to have one around.  How I lived without this book, I'll never know.  It has everything.  It comes complete with cooking stains.  I feel like I have street cred now.


The store has another copy for sale, a bit more recent, but its there nonetheless for 5 bucks.  But the real find was the collection of old cookbooks from churches and communities all over the state, from Texarkana to Blytheville.  Three bucks a piece.



Hillcrest Junk Company is open Sunday-Monday-Tuesday from 12-5.  If these books are still there in a few weeks, I'm snagging 'em.  Nothing like old school Arkansas recipes.



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