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Last year, Killer Mike said in an interview with the Fader that he was hoping to make S.L. Jones, from the Grind Time clique, the first rapper to break from Little Rock. I don't know how long Jones has been gone from LR (Grind Time is in Atlanta), but that he's calling his album "Bangin' in Little Rock" suggests it's probably been awhile. Local rappers aren't about associating themselves with "BILR. First off, it's tired as hell, but also it's the one-note people across the country, especially in the rap community, continually harp on.

There's no release date yet, but this came to mind last week when the Fader posted a new Killer Mike track featuring Jones and shouted out Park Plaza (wha?) on their blog. It's a nice song, but I'm not quite sold on Jones as the savior for Arkansas rap. Here he is on a new song with the Clipse, too.

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