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Tomato jones -- UPDATE



A reader wonders -- and I do, too -- if any decent tomatoes are yet available in Arkansas and, if so, where?

A caller claims some Bradley County pinks are ready, but I haven't seen them here yet.

UPDATE: I ate in a restaurant at lunch today that had a tray of Bradley County tomatoes sitting behind the counter. Don't rush out. These were Mountain Prides or similar, lovely to behold but not so great to eat. But if they're in, the report of Bradley pinks being ripe just might be true. They're harder to find, but generally worth the effort. The arrival of heirlooms later in the summer is better still.

UPDATE II: Caller dropped by Terry's Saturday morning. They said pink tomatoes are expected next week. Another researcher said he'd been told to expect some heirlooms at the Farmers Market today (Saturday), but only if you got there early.

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