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Blueplate special



Farmer Al Leveritt came back from Taqueria Karina on 65th Street today with a report of a bodacious plate lunch -- pictured above and described below. He writes:

The best dish we’ve ever had at Karinas, the best Mexican restaurant in Little Rock. These are thin sliced, horizontally cut marinated beef ribs called costillas de rey with chorizo sausage, shrimp, roasted nopal cactus leaf and home-made guacamole for $9.99 at lunch Friday. Just great stuff. Karinas is at the west end of the strip center at 65th and Lancaster in SW Little Rock. They also serve an authentic Mexican breakfast starting about 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday and usually a good part of the Latino community will be dining with you. It gets crowded after church. The costillas were a special and if that is not available, I recommend the Pollo a la Mexicana  (sliced chicken with rajas of mildly hot peppers) or Emoladas de Pollo (chicken enchiladas covered in mole and Mexican cheese). The staff and owner is Mexican but there are always English speakers available to help.


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