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What one item at a local restaurant is so wonderful -- unique, tasty, dirt-cheap, some combo thereof -- that you want to tell all your friends in cyberspace about it? Here's one to get things started:

The breadsticks with cheese at Gusano's, the River Market pizzeria. In effect, this is a small cheese pizza with no tomato sauce. And you get wonderful chunky marinara for dipping on the side, so even that pizza ingredient isn't missing. The key here is that the whole shebang is only $3.50, and it's easily enough to make a meal out of.

One other don't-miss (although it might be more apropos for a Drink Arkansas blog): the free tour at Diamond Bear brewery -- offered at 2 and 4 p.m. Saturdays. You get plenty of award-winning beer, a fun little tour of a working brewery and a chance to shoot the breeze and swap tales with other beer lovers.

Where else should I go and what else should I try?

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