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R.I.P. Sir Loin's



Its best days were long ago in my opinion, but Rev. Mojo Ryson offers a farewell to a favorite NLR restaurant:

With heavy heart and full belly, this old fat boy must report that I had the last supper at a Dawgtown legend, the venerated, possibly best North Little Rock scarfing establishment Sir Loins Inn.

Sadly this was their last night.

The birthday, anniversary, post Hog game dinners, etc. I have had there over the past 3 decades are too numerous to mention.

Hands down, best service in the Metroplex.

Reasons for closing are trifold.

1. Three different families dipping out of profits.

2. Worn out infrastructure.

3. Location.

Put Sir Loins Inn up on McCain's "Restaurant Row" and you would be printing money.

Sad to see an old friend go down.

My party of 9 was the official last paying customers of the evening.

A group of past and present employees were gathering in the Redcoat Tavern.

Adieu old friend.

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