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LRFF, Day 3: BBQ, Butchers, Babies, & A Black Hitler



Even though the Whole Hog folks have been awarded best barbecue by the Arkansas Times every year for like the last decade or so, nobody told this out-of-towner that the place was in the same strip mall as the Riverdale 10.  Pleasant, messy surprise.

I finally saw Killer of Sheep.  I don't really have anything to add to praise previous,  but I was glad to see a good crowd and really glad to see a print that did it justice. 

After that, I grabbed said BBQ, then washed my hands and face thoroughly and squeezed into Towncraft for about thirty minutes before heading over to Knocked Up.  Anyone fond of 40-year-old Virgin's raunchy heart and the achingly authentic charm of "Freaks & Geeks" will surely not be disappointed by Judd Apatow's latest and maybe best picture.  A bit long (as most comedies are nowadays) but also long on charm.

Neo Ned belied its premise (a young skinhead falls in love with a black girl who thinks she's Hitler), proving to be a well-acted crowd-pleaser. The lead was astonishing.  This volatile movie would likely have crashed and burned without his infectious performance. 

PS: Congrats, Jermain.

PPS:  I don't want to hear about the Diamond Hogs for at least two days.

On deck for tomorrow:

Little Birds
Mississippi Son
If You Succeed
The long drive home....

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