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We're in receipt of a letter about the Times' recent review of Valentine's, the Italian restaurant in the new Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock. A good fit for our new dining blog, I'd say:

I don't know how to contact your staff member who wrote the "Loving Valentine's" Dining review, but you can pass it on.

A great review, but how discouraging to see a photo with customers who look disheveled eating there.  I'd have thought of Valentine's as a place I could take my wife where we could be a bit dressed up and have an elegant meal with good wine, but seeing people dining with their caps on !!!! really turned me off.  All the more so because I just returned from two weeks in NYC, where people dressed like that wouldn't get in the door of even a reasonably decent restaurant.

No reflection on your reviewer or his/her review, and maybe I should actually thank you for showing me why I ought not to eat there unless I'm wearing jeans, shitkickers and a t-shirt.


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