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LRFF, Day 2: Unholy Hucksters, Larry the Cable Guy, & The New Hampshire National Guard



With one of my must-sees starting at one, I had planned to duck out during the last twenty minutes or so of Friday's opening film.  But Jonestown was such a chilling and incomprehensible experience that I had to stick around for the whole thing.  Lucky for me, the theater where The War Tapes was scheduled to play experienced technical difficulties, and I didn't miss a thing.  Festivals are prone to such mishaps, but rarely are the results so weirdly poetic. 

Somehow, the trailer for Larry the Cable Guy's new film, Delta Farce, got stuck in a continuous loop, with the soundtrack fading in and out, going from extremely loud to not much more than a whisper.  Here was the probably predominately liberal and "S"erious doc crowd being subjected to a full thirty minutes of looped (and loopy) geopolitical hijinks.  The same goofball images over and over and over.  Eventually, a few kids up front graced us with some impromptu performance art, reciting the often muffled "Git 'er dones" in unison.  Aah, America.

Jim and Larry: Similar appeal?
The War Tapes started before things got too dire and delivered on the promise of its premise:  Give three National Guardsmen a camera and let them tell their own stories.  The result was humorous, blunt, insightful, and riveting.  Try to catch it tomorrow if you can....
Tonight's gonna be a real headscratcher: Killer of Sheep, Towncraft, Old Joy, or 10 Items or Less?  I'm gonna see them all tomorrow so I can catch the panel this evening, grab some supper, then scoot over to Offside and prolly Sugar Creek.  Whew.  

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