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Desperately seeking arepas



With a little skepticism, we read one NYC food blogger’s obsessive attempts to locate the best arepas in the five boroughs (apparently Queens is ground zero for arepas sampling).

Arepas are a sort of South American corn cakes, split and filled with various meat and cheese combinations, often sold as street food. So what’s the big deal, we wondered?

Recently we had the chance to try them, in Dallas. They were truly a revelation. Made from a cooked white corn flour different from the more common masa, they are grilled or fried, giving them a toothsome texture on the outside, but soft and almost creamy on the inside. Their warmth and contrasting textures make them sort of an uber-comfort food. We sampled them filled with a traditional ham and white cheese combo, and with a somewhat more upscale filling of ceviche and guacamole. And we can’t stop thinking about them.

So is anyone making them in Arkansas? Please help.

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