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Big Doings for Little Rockers



I ran into Chris Denny earlier tonight. He's on his way to New York in a couple of weeks to meet with his new(ish) label 00:02:59 Records*  and play some shows. Carla Sacks, who's David Slade's (American Princes) aunt and the top dog at Sacks & Co., the NYC PR firm that reps Emmylou Harris, David Byrne, The Magnetic Fields, is doing PR for Denny. And she's asked to push the record, originally scheduled for June, back to August. That's A-mazing news for Denny. Sacks, apparently, has serious juice. She's currently repping Bjork. That she's taken a shine to Denny pretty much guarantees that he's soon to be known to the world at large. With a voice like a young Roy Orbison, I'ma go ahead and take a leap and say he's gonna be big. For three weeks only, get a sandwich made by a future star! He's working at Boulevard, probably right now.

Denny's playing Towncraft Week at The Belvedere in River Front park on Thursday, May 17, with The Magic Cropdusters, Loch Ness Monster and Clicking Beetle Bad Omen Band.

ALSO, talked to Collins Kilgore, singer/guitarist in the American Princes. The dudes are back from tour with Lucero and Catfish Haven and in town for the next three weeks getting songs together for a recording session in New York. Chuck Brody, who's produced the Beastie Boys and Wu-Tang, will be producing the Princes. He first hollered at the band last year during the CMJ Music Festival in New York. Hundreds and hundreds of bands play and all had an mp3 on the festival's site. Brody told the band that he'd listened to every act and that they were his favorite. Kilgore said he told Brody that they were on a small label and couldn't afford to pay much, but Brody didn't care. So: great news for them, too.

They're playing the culmination of Towncraft Week, on Saturday, May 19, at the Rev Room, with Ho-Hum, Jason Morphew and Trusty.

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