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Review: K.C.'s heavier, but has still got it


Our intrepid Spa City beat reporter went to the Summit Arena last night for K.C. and the Sunshine Band:

1970’s hit the Summit Arena in Hot Springs 4/11/07 Wednesday night as the Village People and KC and The Sunshine Band performed.  The Concert began with three original members from the Village People:   Felipe Rose (Native American), Alex Briley (Soldier) and David Hodo (Construction Worker), the rest of the band were represented in costume by a Cop, Cowboy and Biker.  No band performed with the band as the music was piped in and acoustics were off at times but the Spa City Crowd erupted for Macho Man, In the Navy and the curtain call hit YMCA.  The Village People performed for an hour rousing the crowd. 

After a short break to set up for the next performance more fans flocked to the arena to see a good performance by KC and the Sunshine Band.  Harry Wayne Casey (KC)  started the concert with I’m your Boogie Man followed by Do you wanna go Party, the crowd was ready to rock and dance when KC announced to the crowd that he was Justin Timberlake to the kids mothers back in the day “What the Hell Happened” KC kept stating as one could tell this former star has added a middle age spread.  KC at 56 years of age has gained some weight and lost some pitch but put on a good show for the near capacity crowd in Hot Springs.  The Sunshine Band is down to one former original member but put on an ear pleasing performance with KC’s vocals.  KC sang all his top ten hits:  I’m your Boogie Man,Boogie Shoes, Please Don’t Go, Keep it coming love then finished the concert with the classic Get Down Tonight.

A good night to remember the classics in Hot Springs and enjoy the 1970’s with the Village People and KC and the Sunshine Band.

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