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Anybody hear Eddie Sutton on the Buzz yesterday?


Meant to file this yesterday, but the task got lost in the shuffle. Former Arkansas and Oklahoma State basketball coach Eddie Sutton appeared via telephone interview on KABZ-FM, 103.7's "The Show With No Name," starring Tommy, Baz and Wally. It was candid and a terrific several minutes with a true coaching legend.

Sutton disclosed that UA athletic director Frank Broyles, in the midst of getting turned down left and right by the big-names he approached to replace Stan Heath, asked him if he'd like to come back. Sutton is 68 years old. Sutton said he told Broyles he might could consider doing it for two years to help the program get back on stable footing, but didn't know how recruiting might be affected, with players recruiting under him not knowing who their coach would be in two years.

Sutton weighed in nicely on new Hog coach John Pelphrey, who was teammate and best friend of Sutton's son Sean, now the head coach at  Okie State. Both served as best men in the other's wedding. They weren't roommates at Kentucky, contrary to reports seen elsewhere.

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