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Bonnaroo announce The Police as headliner


Hey, I love the Police as much as anyone, but is this a good thing? Bonnaroo was a pretty cool festival its first couple of years, but now it's gotten CRAZY. And imagine that craziness times 10 (at least) with the word that The Police will headline the festival.

Bonnaroo, which is just a little ways southeast of Nashville, joins St. Louis, Dallas and New Orleans as the closest concert sites for this upcoming Police reunion tour. We've got to think after this thing makes gazillions (on the Police website, you can become a Premium tour membership member for $100, which apparently gives you a few hours head-start on buying tickets), Sting will be smart enough to take the boys on an additional tour of secondary markets. Then, we can see if the realize that Little Rock (Alltel Arena) always breaks bigger in ticket sales these days than does Memphis.

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