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Seger -- who's going?


What's the pulse out there on Seger? Are you looking

forward to Saturday's show and his first tour in a decade coming to Arkansas?

One good thing about Saturday, it can't get here soon enough if you're a listener of "The Show With No Name." That Seger karaoke with listeners is mind-numbing. Now, speaking of "The Show..." and singing, there was a guy yesterday who called in on the Buzz who did an incredible job of impersonating Elvis.

I've never been knocked out by Bob Seger's songs, but that's just me I guess. Seems, if the classic rock stations and their playlists are to be believed, folks around Central Arkansas love "Hollywood Nights" and "Old Time Rock and Roll" and all those songs, and regularly, like every half hour on the half hour or something. Especially just before a rare Bob Seger appearance on the stage.

Anyway, Seger and crew are coming Saturday to Alltel Arena, 8 p.m., $65 a pop.

I'm wondering what would be the response if Bob Seger took the Springsteen approach and, instead of playing all those hits (yeah, he's had a bunch, I'll admit) and just played a lot of his new stuff and some of his deeper album cuts. Just a thought.

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