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Damn Bullets wins Showcase Round 1


The fascinating and original rockabilly-biuegrass-rock-jam music of Little ROock's Damn Bullets ruled the day in the first night of the 2007 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase, held at Sticky Fingerz. The three other competing bands Thursday didn't back down without a fight, though, as Stone Mountain Crew, Smitten and Paul Sammons and the Black Sheep all put on solid 30-minute shows in Round 1.

We'll have video from last night's action on this blog later today, as well as photos on our website from all the happenings, the people in attendance and the stage performances. The tournout was the largest for the first night of the Showcase since Arkansas Times has been running the event, beginning in 1999. We finally left Sticky's at 1:40, when the results were determined and everyone was congratulated for a great show.

There's more coming, but right now we need to go to bed.

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