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New movie gets Koon's kudos


Times reporter/reviewer David Koon attended a screening today of "Miss Potter," a film coming to local theaters in a few days, and hints as a good time at the theater:

I just got back from a screening of "Miss Potter," a bio-pic of Beatrix Potter, the creator of the Peter Cottontail books. If you're looking for something to go see during the holidays, I highly recommend this one — especially if you're a fan of capitol "R" Romance. An old-fashioned, magical little movie, with just enough tragedy and and good 'ol Victorian self-denial to keep it from getting sappy, "Miss Potter" is as sweet and gentle as Potter's books, full of lingering glances, disapproving mothers, and stolen kisses by the train. I often found myself smiling during the screening, in spite of myself, and wishing my squeeze was there to watch it with me. Even caught myself misty-eyed a time or three. Starring Renee Zellweger (doing her Bridget Jones accent) as Potter, and Ewan MacGregor as her publisher/love interest, it's PG, but not a kids' movie — though 'tween- and teenage girls would probably love it.

Does it make me less of a man to say that I was enchanted? Check it out if you get a chance.

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