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While Rome burns ...


A friend and football fan passes this along to the Little Rocking editor:

His football program seems to be at the point of implosion over the Springdale trio and the offense they were promised to run and didn't, but do you know where UA coach Houston Nutt was last night? In Jonesboro. Watching his brother Dickey coach bad basketball at Arkansas State University. They had video of him sitting in the stands on KAIT last night. Something's just not right with that picture. Here's to family support and all, but does Nutt have to traipse over to Jonesboro to see a bad college basketball matchup in the middle of December? Didn't they just bury his wife's mother on Monday? Shouldn't he be home? Shouldn't he be drawing up more plays for the Springdale studs?

I dunno. Maybe he felt he needed to get away.

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