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JT on ESPN2'S "Quite Frankly" tonight


Generally, I wouldn't listen to Stephen A. Smith if he were standing outside our building, but I think I might catch his "Quite Frankly" show on ESPN2 tonight when he interviews Arkansas boxing star. The show starts at 9:30 p.m. (CST).

Taylor will fight Kassim Ouma in a 12-round bout on Saturday, Dec. 9, at Alltel Arena in defense of his multiple world middleweight championship belts.

Smith is the highly opinionated sportswriter turned  interviewer out of Philadelphia. He's the guy who ESPN decided was more telegenic than his well-informed and nicer predecessor back in 2003 and thrust on the public. "Quite Frankly" is a 60-minute daily show of sports news, opinions and issues. Smith has been a sportswriter with the Philadelphia Inquirer since 1994.

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