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Why not "Huckabee: The Musical"?


Heard today that "Enron: The Musical," about the biggest corporate financial collapse in U.S. history and all the personalities surrounding it, opens in a Houston theater tonight.

Why doesn't somebody get to work on "Huckabee: The Musical." We think there is enough funny stuff to play nationally (certainly Huck thinks he can play nationally). C'mon, John Haman or some of you other local, skillful playwrights, or you funny folks from Red Octopus; let's see something put together experminentally for the Public Theatre or something.

I see a big hit here. If a musical can be written about the Enron collapse, certainly the slapstick antics of those lovable Huckabees can make for a nice two-act. Maybe the fun ride culminates at Pennsylvania Avenue, only Huckabee wakes up just before he's about to take the oath of office and finds out he's been in a dream, and he's really just a Baptist preacher in Texarkana.

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