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The Mind of Matt: Rockin' with Aerosmith


More from rock/movie god  Matt Smith and the second half of the concert in Indy -- Aerosmith:

It was cold by the time AEROSMITH took the stage in INDY. The temperature was 40 outside at the Verizon Center, and dropping fast. We were up front in what the band promotes as the “Ultra Sweet Spot” for tickets and seats. This area gets you close to the stage in front row center, but also gives you a chair by the cat walk. Now, all the Aerosmith fans out there love the famous catwalk.

The band opened with “Toys In The Attic,” followed q

uickly with “Mama Kin” and “Eat The Rich.” There is a huge video screen at the back of the stage, and it plays some video clips of the band. They mix in some live shots as expected, but there is an additional twist. They have taken the time to shoot some footage of Indiana and put it into the presentation. A piece with Steven Tyler being arrested by an Indiana Sheriffs deputy and a clip with Joe Perry trying to hitch a ride on Interstate 65 are hilarious.

“Cryin” was up next, and slowed things down. Tyler joked with the crowd about the cold, and then hit the Catwalk. The band fired up “ Please Don’t Go,” and it rolled on in to a nice jam session with Steven on the harmonica for an extended solo. While the lead singer took a break, Joe Perry sang “Stop Messin’ Around.” The band sounded great even thought Tom Hamilton is out of the line up. He is currently battling cancer. His temporary replacement, David Hull, did a fine job.

Perry and Tyler went to the end of the catwalk and sat down for “ Seasons.” This song was also accompanied by a chilling video presentation. I think it seemed even more like the winter, since at this point the temp was down to 30. Steven had started the show in a warm wool cap and overcoat, but now this was discarded. Joe also removed his shirt saying that the crowd and Rock and Roll had warmed the band.

“Devils Got A New Disguise” followed, which is the title track from the new album that dropped on Oct. 17. Excellent new song! “One Way Street,” “Sweet Emotion” and “Draw The Line” brought this show to a close. The band broke to screams from the audience, and ran an extended video clip. They then blew out the regular encore song “ Walk This Way.”

The 16,000 people that braved the cold were pleased. So far no tour dates in the Little Rock area have been announced. Dallas seems to be as close to Arkansas that these boys will be before the end of the year. Dec. 17 is the last date at this point. It’s in California. I do know if Aerosmith does hit the road again after the New Year, Motley Crue won’t be with them. The CRUE is going to the Bahamas in January and I will be there!

“Salute! Metal Horns Up!” -- Matt Smith

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