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From NWA: Simple T-shirts spark philosophical debate

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Rainer Sabin of the Northwest Arkansas Times delves into the Houston Nutt T-shirt situation and the debate it has created, and it asks a pertinent question: Is Houston Nutt the football prgram; do you have to support Houston Nutt to be supporting the program?

"... there is a deeper issue than censorship in this whole story and it centers on the university’s argument for why it had the right to stop Larru from selling the T-shirts.

"UA general counsel Scott Varady said that the message on the back of the shirt did not cause the university to act. But a cartoon depiction of Nutt’s face on the front did. Varady said Nutt’s contract provides the university with control over the football coach’s name, likeness and image. So that, in turn, begs an important question: Is Nutt synonymous with the Razorbacks ? And if that’s the case, does a fan have to support the coach in order to support the program ?

Certainly, that should never be the case. A majority of Americans may not like the president or how he is performing at any given time, but that doesn’t mean they want the country to suffer under his leadership. However, here in Razorback Land it seems to be tacitly implied that the coach and the program are one and the same.

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