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Review: Eddie Spaghetti and Supersuckers


Rock fan and Times freelancer Stewart Deere checked out the Supersuckers' show at the Revolution Room last night:

Supersuckers lead singer Eddie Spaghetti provided the opening act for his own band at the Revolution Room last night. He warmed up the audience with material from his solo albums, as well as a  performance of the 'Suckers song "Good Livin'", and a cover of "Cocaine Blues."

It was during the last one that he forgot the words (or pretended to at least) and began to joke with audience about negotiating an exchange for some pain pills (well ... he may not have been joking about that) , all the while he and his partner onstage, guitarist/pedal steel guitarist Jordan Shapiro, continued to pick away until finally kicking back in with the final
few verses.

The Supersuckers set was filled with classics such as "Doublewide," "Supersucker Drive-By Blues", and "Creepy Jackalope Eye." The last song was played in a style halfway between the punk sound of the original version and the country version that they have had on a few releases lately, the version they played last night was found on the "Paid" EP which I purchased at the show for five bucks. That version, as well as the title song of the EP, which was also played last night, find them blurring the line between their country and punk/hard rock sides. Cross Canadian Ragweed with more balls and a better sense of humor is a fitting description. It's not a bad fit for the Supersuckers and I'm excited to hear their next full length.

The show ended with a cover of Thin Lizzy's  "Jailbreak" and "Born With a Tail" which has become their personal anthem. It was during one of these songs that guitarist Ron "Rontrose" Heathman played slide guitar using a bottle of what appeared to be a recently consumed beer.

Although it wasn't as good a show as the last time I saw them when they played at Sticky Fingers (there were some sound problems for the Revolution Room 'Suckers set that Eddie even acknowledged), I absolutely loved the show and can't wait to see where their new material takes them. Long live the "Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World." -- Stewart Deere

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