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Hogs make a poll: the 'Bottom Ten'

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Ouch. Apparently only being down 13-7 late in the second quarter in spite of two turnovers didn't impress anyone around the country, nor did the 34-7 second half by USC that was helped by three more turnovers. General consensus around the country obviously is that Arkansas football sucks. After all, it's what you do over 60 minutes, and the Hogs lost 50-14, as you know doubt know now.

But, the "Bottom Ten" is a great read today on ESPN. It honors the late Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter," and some of his well-known expressions.

We'll miss Irwin. But sadly, we probably won't miss the "Bottom Ten" against next week. With Utah State also in there, it's a good bet that even a 50-0 win over the Aggies won't get the Hogs out of the inglorious poll. You know what it's going to take to get the Hogs ANY respect around the country the rest of the year, and that's winning more than a couple of SEC games against the Mississippi schools. Beating Alabama AND Auburn would help. Beating Tennessee and/or LSU would be even better. A few wins in those four games might even keep Houston Nutt employed a little while longer.

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