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The Mind of Matt: A review of Poison and Cinderella

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Here's Matt Smith (he's the guy on the right who looks more like a rock star than Poison's Bobby Dall) now fully awake after last night's shindig at the Riverfest Amphitheatre with Poison and Cinderella, plus the fairly tame after-party:

The CINDERELLA /POISON show was ROCKING Sunday night down at the river. I
need to send out an EXTRA special thanks to Jeff Allen & Dennis Allen as well as the entire crew from THE POINT 94.1 FM. The point does ROCK when
it comes to classic rock in Little Rock! (Yes, I was going for a rock
record in that last sentence.) The pit passes and backstage passes
courtesy of the radio station truly was the hook up! Thank you! I also
must mention my boy Big Jake. Thank you so much for keeping a lid on
things and keeping the drunks off the girls. I thank you! The girls thank

This was the last stop for these boys on the tour. They have done a great
job all summer. We had seen them @ ROCK FEST on July 23rd. The show time
was 4 pm. It was too hot and too early. The Little Rock show was much
better, due to the show starting in the evening. I really wish the critics
and people that don’t listen to this music would get a clue. “Hair Band”
doesn’t really describe the music they play. Their entire catalog of work
is all based on blues. The blues riffs and under current are there.
LISTEN; don’t just look at the clothes they wear. The energy level of the
band was way up and they put on a good show. They always close with “Shake
Me” and are friendly with the crowd through out the show. Tom Keifer
mentioned problems with his voice. He has sounded that way through out
this entire tour. He also apologized during the show at Chicago’s Tinley
Park. We saw that show on June 21st. The Chicago show had a better
performance, but the venue really helped. Tinley Park is not as great an
amphitheater as Red Rocks, but it is a good venue. The guys in Cinderella
were very nice during the meet and greet back stage.

They are the true definition of clean and sober Rock & Roll. This set is
EXACTLY the same each and every gig. You get what you pay for with this
band. The songs sound like the albums, the words are correct and the show
is put on. Little Rock, Memphis, Wisconsin, Chicago – all the same. It is
like watching a well-rehearsed play. But, hey isn’t that why a Poison fan
buys the ticket? There isn’t the drunk falling around, falling down and
slurring words mistakes of say a Motley Crue show! Nice, clean, bubble
gum Rock and Roll. This is the way most girls like it. We aren’t talking
Bon Jovi here, but close. Bon Jovi is just a breath away from pop music.
The songs were great and back stage the pleasantness continued. The band
was very sweet to all of the ladies. The guys were patient about photos and
signing. We were given drumsticks, guitar picks, and photos, drum skins.
The band autographed all of it. There was no smoking back stage and no
drinking. This was a meet and greet event instead of a backstage party.
If you want reliable rock, this is the band. “Talk Dirty To Me” is the
last song played, but it isn’t happening after the show. These guys are
being polite and getting on the bus. It is thank you, and good night! We
got to see Bret Michaels after the show in Chicago and Wisconsin, however
he didn’t hand out in Little Rock. I am sure it has been a long hot summer
for them. The new single is “American Band” which is a cover of the
classic Grand Funk Railroad song. It still pays tribute to Little Rock.
The album is “ The Best Of Poison 20 Years Of Rock.” I am sure most of the
people at the concert already have it.

“Look What The Cat Dragged In” -- Matt Smith

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