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The Mind of Matt: Friday movies and metal


Matt Smith on the movies and where to find some good metal tonight:


New this week at Market Street Cinema is "Once In A Life Time." This is the true story of the New York Cosmos soccer team. This film has gotten great reviews across the nation from critics, including David Koon of the Arkansas Times. Take a look at this weeks Times for the review. "Who Killed The Electric Car" and "Little Miss Sunshine" are in the chamber this Friday as well.
Thursday, Aug. 31, is the last day for "A Scanner Darkly"  and "Twelve and Holding." for more information.  Those who
enjoyed "An Inconvenient Truth" will like "Electric Car".

Sunday, Aug. 27, "Rudy" will screen for FREE at Market Street Cinema. This
is sponsored by All tickets are FREE!  All you
have to do is show up! "RUDY" hits the big screen @ 7pm.

Tuesday, Aug. 29, "The Wizard Of Oz" is presented FREE at Market Street Cinema.  This is sponsored by The Dave Elswick Show on KARN News Radio.  AM
920 & 102.9FM. Contact the radio station for free tickets. 501-401-0200.
Showtime 8pm.

Sunday, Sept. 3, "Field Of Dreams" will wrap up  This is also a FREE event.  No ticket required!  The movie kicks off at 7pm.

The wide release films?  "Invincible"  with Mark Wahlberg, is great for the whole family. It is rated PG, and a true story that everyone will enjoy. I love a true story!

"The Wizard Of Oz"  also sponsored by The Dave Elswick show is FREE in Cabot. This screening is Monday August 28 @ 8pm.  "Oz" info and details about "Invincible" and other wide release films @

\Searcy has FREE movies too!  We like to give everyone the hook up! "Wizard of Oz" at 7pm on Thursday Aug.31. Sponsored by COOL 104.7FM.  Call 501-268-1047 for your tickets. That info and more can be found by hitting up

I will be checking out Hell's Kitchen @ Smiley's in Hot Springs tonight.  I will get up a review of the band and the club tomorrow, on my way to Memphis!

"Welcome To The Jungle" -- Matt Smith

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