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The Mind of Matt: Listen to the Buzz, win some movie tickets


Matt Smith, winding up his Colorado trip, talks about the Broncos and movies. Of course, hard rock is on Matt's mind, and he tells us to look for him at Poison this weekend. Yes they're in Memphis and in Little Rock this weekend. Where in the world will Matt be? Memphis AND Little Rock for Poison, that's where.


I will be giving away FREE movie tickets on The BUZZ 103.7FM on Thursday between 11am and 1pm. This is The Zone show with Justin, Nathan, and Joe Franklin. Call in to win or just talk about movies. 501-433-1037. We will have some T-shirts too!


I caught a Broncos game while I was in town. I was witness to a total and complete beat down of the Tennessee Titans last Saturday. It looked like Vince Young was playing alone on the Titans side of the ball. He really could use some help. Plummer started for the Broncos. He did a good job. I know it is pre season, but # 34 Cedric Cobbs looked good. It is always nice to see some one from Arkansas in the NFL. Bradlee Van Pelt, #11 is
the hometown hero. He is from Colorado State, which is almost right down the road! The crowd was happy when he came out to the field. They wanted to see him at the quarterback position. I really think # 6 Jay Cutler has all of the talent. You all know he is out of Vanderbilt. The SEC ROCKS! The bottom line will be winning. Forget the hometown love fest. Cutler is going to put the points on the scoreboard.

“ Devils Juice” -- Matt Smith


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