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The Mind of Matt: Time for a good video

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Matt Smith of Market Street Cinema wraps up his Traveling Colorado tour and also says it's a good week to settle in with a video, if you're not going to catch any of the indies he's got showing at Market Street (and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND "Twelve and Holding" as well as "An Inconvenient Truth").


I can’t really send anyone out to see the everyday flicks that opened on Aug, 18. Standard studio fare didn’t work for me last weekend. So, my run of the mill wide-release pick of the week – last week by now –  must come from video. “Lucky Number Slevin.” You should be able to rent in on DVD by now, or at least pre order. On the independent film front, Thursday, Aug. 24, is the last day for “Strangers With Candy” and “Word Play” at Market Street Cinema. Meanwhile, “12 and Holding” and “A Scanner Darkly” will have fewer show times next week. Go to the website and click “Starts Friday” – which looks like a picture of Uma Thurman – for next weekend’s features. Do you My Space? Then take a look @


The Downtown Aquarium was not as crowded as I would have imagined last Friday. I guess they were preparing for school like the rest of America.
This aquarium reminded me of the one in New Orleans before Katrina. It was right on the riverfront, close to Harrah’s Casino. This spot in Denver rests on 18 acres, and in a very new complex. The restaurant did a wonderful job with the food and service. Still, there is something creepy about eating seafood right in front of those tanks filled with one million gallons of water and the seafood! Even though I don’t have children, I can still look around – like The Observer – and tell if they are having a good time. This is a great place for them. They can even see a tiger that likes to swim. Basically you can just walk across the street and be at Six Flags Gardens. There really isn’t a reason to talk about it here – those parks are all about the same. If you have seen one Six Flags, you have seen them all. So, here it goes

Across town there is another great place to go shopping The Cherry Creek Shopping Center. This spot contains very unique specialty stores. This is not your run of the mill mall. These shops contain very hard to find items. This is well worth a visit. Later in the day I made a mistake. I ate at The Rock Bottom Brewery. I had a good time at the Chicago location. The stupid assumption was this place would be the same. No. The food and service was very weak. There is nothing special about the specials at this place. Avoid it.

The club district is jumping on a Friday night. LODO is the nickname for this area. Lower Down Town. Club, after club line the streets. Rock clubs, live bands, dance, country/western, martini bars, jazz, piano bars and clubs that we can’t mention in a family newspaper are all here. It is very easy to have a blast until sunrise.

“Bourbon County Line” – Matt Smith


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