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The Mind of Matt: In the Wild West


Golden, Colorado  

We went to check out some sites in this little town outside of Denver. The population is just 17,000. The top of Lookout Mountain is the home of the Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave. The place is filled with western history in addition to the story of Bill’s life. I was impressed by the showmanship of this man.  He was an entertainer and a very successful entrepreneur.  The Wild West shows he founded toured all over the USA and Europe.   He was a personal friend with Edison the inventor of movies, and one of the very first things put on film was Bill’s life story. Deadwood is a very popular show on HBO.  I really enjoy it.  The town really did exist and both Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill had spent time in the town. The two Bill’s were close. This is family friendly. Take the kiddies.   

More family time in the CO?  The Colorado Railroad Museum is the place. This is very interactive with displays, model trains and other family
exhibits inside. Outside they have 15 acres covered with all types of trains.  You can check them out, climb over, under, around and thru
some of them.  Kids will just eat this up.

Coors Brewery

This is the place I wanted to see.  I have been on the Anheuser Busch tour in St. Louis, and the Heineken tour in Amsterdam.  The Coors tour is better than Bud in St. Louis, but not as cool as Heineken.  Coors produces
more beer at this location than any other single brewery in the USA.  The place is huge, runs 24 hours a day and they employ 3,500 people.  They make 1.5 million gallons of beer a day.  They share much more info with you
here. You go inside and see the hops, and barley beds, the kettles, the test room, and much more.  St. Louis basically shows you a couple of horses, the gift shop, and the lawn out front.      & will give you the specs.I don’t have kids.  But, anyone could tell that this is not the place for the rug rats.  There were some clowns that brought kids that were 2 or 3 years old.   There is nothing for them to do.  They don’t want to look at industrial equipment, and are bored.  They are loud and in the way.
Thankfully they ended up with another tour group.  Obviously -- or it should be -- this is not a family friendly tour.

“Have A Drink On Me” -- Matt Smith

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