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The Mind of Matt: Movies and metal


Market Street Cinemas' Matt Smith opines on the latest movies and heavy rock:


"A Scanner Darkly" opened this weekend. It has the same director as the cutting edge film, "Waking Life." Don't miss it!

Our FREE classic film at Market Street this coming week with Dave Elswick for August is "The Wizard Of Oz." Awesome! Get your tickets early, they will go fast. For more info hit up

I loved "Miami Vice!" Blake Rutherford ("Conversations" on Little Rocking) is right yet again! Of course we will have "Talledega Nightsplaying this week. If you are outside THE ROCK and want to check those out: in Searcy; in the big little city of Cabot, and out near the lake in Hot Springs I think "Talledega" will sell, sell, sell tickets in the south. "Miami Vice" did well up north and in the more urban markets. It has not been that popular here. Ol' Ricky Bobby will just be the reverse of that!


Bob Lancaster continues to just crack me up. Ass munch and that whole list of people we should feel sorry for ... what a riot! Feel sorry for OJ Simpson? I have to read the Arkansas Times for those laughs! Yesterday I got in my Arkansas Times fix and ate - two birds with one stone? Anyway, I must salute Sonny Williams Steak Room. Just great! A great staff, and a melt in your mouth steak! You cannot beat it!

"Up All Night"-Matt

Matt Smith's "The Mind of Matt" blog contribution appears on Little Rocking periodically. 



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