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The Mind of Matt: Movies and metal for Friday


Matt Smith of Market Street Cinema and rock touring fame checks in:


"The Heart of the Game" opens today. Stewart Deere from the Arkansas Times is just one of the local film critics that love the movie. Joe Franklin at The Buzz 103.7fm gives it both of his thumbs up. Looks like we are the home of the docs right now. "Wordplay" and "An Inconvenient Truth" are currently playing as well.

 "A Prairie Home Companion," which features music much like Hannah Blaylock and Eden's Edge (winners of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase) is still on the screen. We have copies of their new CD at the cinema; you should buy a copy and support local music! "The Lost City" and "Water" will end on Thursday, Aug. 3.  We open "Scanner Darkly" on Friday, Aug. 4. If you need more info, or you want to sign up for our weekly newsletter go to 

We get the newsletter out each week with details on films and other events at Market Street Cinema. Gives us a chance to send you a little write up on the film -- stars, synopsis, running times, that type of thing. Extra Info! We can tell ya about free movies, screenings; we even have special events for our members.

As for other films opening around town:

"MIAMI VICE"  - go see it. I thought it was great. Hey, I liked "HEAT," "THIEF"
and "LAST OF THE MOS"! "THE ANT BULLY" -- good for the kiddies. "JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE" is exactly what you will think if you buy a ticket to this thing.
You will want to kill the guy. I promise. Save your time and money. To get some info on those films hit up or or even  -- if you are in Hot Springs and can't get on the lake because it is raining ...


Speaking of the lake and the rain ... I could not hit the wake board today or yesterday.  Rain. I know we need the rain. I understand.  But, I guess I am just the opposite of everyone else. See, I like the rain on weekends and holidays.  

You really can't ride the Hyperlite on weekends and holidays anyway. The weekend warriors are out in force. They are chopping up all of the water. Running around in anything that will float. Anything! Up to the point that it is dangerous. Dangerous to you and those clowns. It is a total waste of time to even try and go. I just skip the pain. What a mess.
But, a good sunny weekday ... YES!

Wednesday was such a day. Now, I got to ride that board. I am looking for the adrenaline rush. Remember, Jim Harris does golf -- I skydive! I know it gets old for Mandi and Julie or whoever is on the COBALT that day to always drive and pull the ski, tube, kneeboard freak. What makes it fun? What makes it METAL? The right tunes, man! 

You got to have the right music and it has got to be LOUD! Loud enough to be heard over the boat motor and the wind. You need a hardcore system.  I have such a system. Built by none other than DAVID GANN from Audio Express. I got to sing the praises of this sound guru. The man is a TOP 10 (nationwide) custom stereo install tech. XM radio, Sirius radio, Alpine CD head unit, 6 mid-range speakers, 4 huge subs, amps ... the guy works magic with fiber glass. He has had his work featured at CES -- Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and at the Spring Break Nationals in Daytona. HE ROCKS! Give Diamond Dave a call at 501-268-1222 for the boat stereo hook up!

"Kick Start My Heart" -- Matt

Matt Smith blogs at Little Rocking regularly on his two biggest loves in life, outside of Mandi, that is: music and heavy metal music.


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