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"Wordplay" brings in the dough


We're told that "Wordplay," the documentary about crossword puzzle competition featuring Arkansas's Vic Fleming and Former President Bill Clinton, has moved up to No. 41 on the all-time revenue producing documentaries.

That woudl rate quite an accomplishment for a low-budget film that some say may earn an Oscar nom. "Wordplay," which is showing locally at Market Street Cinema, has pulled in $2 million in just a few weeks, and it's said the film may work its way into the top 25 before its run end. It's picking up more theaters to screen in weekly.

The No. 1 all-time documentary is "Fahrenheit 9/11" with $119.2 milion; followed by "March of Penguins" with $77.4 million, "Bowling for Columbine" at $21.5 million and "An Inconvenient Truth" at $17.8 million, which is still in wide circulation and also showing at Market Street Cinema.

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