Who needs 'Rocketboom' when you've got Maria and the '9'? | Rock Candy

Who needs 'Rocketboom' when you've got Maria and the '9'?


This new 3-minute Yahoo entertainment news video blog deal is pretty cool, and Maria Sansone has all the pizzazz of Amanda Congdon, the ousted hostess with the mostest of the comedy web videoblog "Rocketboom."

In today's top 9 stories off the web, we really like that Gnarls Barkley video. And, is it just us, or does this whole Kid Rock/Pam Anderson relationship seem kinda, uh, nasty? Wallow on, kids. And speaking of creepy, how about the Bush backrub of the German chancellor. Some stuff on "Clerks II," llamas and more. It's worth 3 minutes of your time.

Also, Maria has her own personal blog here. She's quite bubbly.

Meanwhile, anybody know where Amanda Congdon is? "Rocketboom," which if you don't know is more of a comedy take on the news, has found itself a new hottie hostess.

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