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The Mind of Matt: Local hits on the big screen

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Matt Smith, metal and movie lover: reports in Monday:


"WORDPLAY" has been a hit! People are out watching the film and they enjoy it! You can get laughs! If you have never touched a puzzle, even if you hate a crossword.... this film is a study of people and it will crack you up!  More info at or call 501-312-8900.

"YOU, ME AND DUPREE" was a hit over the weekend. The mainstream audience has embraced the film. Most people like Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson. Matt Dillion is just along for the ride. Seems like many things have changed since "DRUG STORE COWBOY." "DUPREE" did well and wasn't completely sunk under week two of Capt. Jack and the "PIRATES."

"LITTLE MAN" was a surprise! No one expected ticket sales! It came in third and did well when you consider the box office impact of "DUPREE" and "PIRATES."

This week sees four openings in wide release.  People will watch "MONSTER HOUSE" and "LADY IN THE WATER." I don't think "MY SUPER EX GIRLFRIEND" or "CLERKS 2" will stick around very long.  They will be in and out of cinemas FAST! - Not as fast as JIM posts blog up dates, but FAST!


So Friday 7/14 we went down to Markham Street Grill with Freaky Joe Franklin and Nathan from The Buzz 103.7fm -- Jim's favorite radio show ... and mine!  Anyway, we were down there to hear Ben --Nathan's room mate play. The guy is good.  He does some cover songs, but also has some of his own tunes. You all need to hear him!

After that we hit Legends. Killed a little time and before heading outout down town.

We have a standing table at On The Rocks. They reserve the spot. NICE.  We had a good place to park. The bartenders and wait staff were great! We had the best service of the evening right there at On The Rocks. It was busy, but they took good care of us.  The best nightclub service of the night, and one of the better times we have had around the River Market district.

Next report comes from Wsconsin! See ya. And, oh yeah, check out "THE HEART OF THE GAME," the newest documentary opening at Market Street.

Matt out!.-- Matt Smith

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