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We mourn the passing of Moose (aka "Eddie")


Remember "Eddie" the Jack Russell terrier from "Fraser"? His real name was Moose, and he also starred in that damn tear-jerker of a movie "My Dog Skip," based on the Willie Morris story. Anyway, poor ol' Moose has passed on, according to a People exclusive.

Don't know about you, but frankly we'll miss Moose a lot more than we'll miss Aaron Spelling.

By the way, in these L.A. death-comes-in-threes things, the inventor of the foot-long "Dodger Dog" at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles died. His name, in case you care, was Thomas Gregory Arthur and he was 84. When somebody back in 1962 in then brand-new Dodger Stadium pointed out the hotdog was only 10 inches long and not a foot-long, Arthur gave it the name "Dodger Dog." Apparently, Dodger fans love 'em

Dodgers team historian Mark Langill agreed, saying Tuesday: "Besides peanuts and Cracker Jack, its probably the most famous delicacy in baseball."

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