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Looking for music tonight?


You can get the full scoop on the club scene from Amyb's new blog.

One group we're interesting in checking out, having been passed along some information about them, is the Dallas-based act Max Cady, a loud riff-rock band that our contact says puts on a high-energy old-school rock and roll show complete with lights and haze. If you caught my post-Cracker column last week, where I felt like I'd been sent back in time a few years, this might be just the thing to give me a two-decades push back to younger days. I think my ears can still take it.

Anyway, Max Cady is playing at Downtown Music tonight around 9:30 p.m. Downtown Music is on Capitol Avenue.  Check out Hanaroo Sushi, just up the street, while you're in the neighborhood. We like it.

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