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Ashlee Simpson, who cares?

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Just in case somebody reading this blog does, Ashlee Simpson's show scheduled for Alltel Arena on Sunday, June 18, has been cancelled. The reason given: scheduling conflict. Look for more scheduling conflicts with other stops on the Simpson tour.

Frankly, who cares? She's had a couple of pop hits, even after the "SNL" debacle when she was caught lipsynching and the wrong song started, and then her family and PR people came up with a series of lame excuses to explain the screwup. Then, they trotted her out to "really sing" just a couple of nights later on some lame awards show, and boy did she ever sing -- enough to break glass. Screeching was more like it. And since that whole deal, all the Dick Clark-produced specials in the world couldn't make her the superstar her daddy thought she should be.

But, hey, she's cute. She's not sister Jessica, of course, not by a long, long shot. On the other hand, she probably has more talent that anyone's given her credit for, and more than her bombshell sis. But, fact is, she's not worth spending $40 a ticket to see in person. She may not be worth $10 a ticket to see her perform in a local club. And, "scheduling conflict" or not, we're pretty certain her tour isn't selling enough to even pay the help. So, no Ashlee on Father's Day. Darn. We did want to see the Veronicas, the opening act.


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