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Gettin' Out...Riverfest Saturday...hurry!


It’s Saturday Afternoon, I’m in the office when I want to be outside enjoying the music and atmosphere. The fashions are abounding, I'll tell ya…I hope that the jugglers will be on the kid’s stage when I get back… The plan: 1) Corndog and beer 2) Face My Fears: Wayne Francis, the Ventriloquist (6 p.m., Kidzone stage). 3) Catch Switchfoot on the Budweiser Stage. (6 p.m.) 5) Walk around the River Market outside of the peripheral and do some cheap shots. 'cause beer, at $4 a pop, is severely cramping my game. Perhaps that prevents some po’ folks from getting too sauced at the event. hmmm…. 6) The Lee Boys (7:45 p.m. Triple S Alarm Stage). Don’t miss these guys. Sacred steel in the style of Robert Randolph. GO SEE THEM! 7) Try to see the Neville Brothers and Dwight Yoakam, both. I would like to hear Aaron (Neville) croon “Tell It Like It Is” and I could be happy all year. Wouldn’t mind seeing Dwight, no sir. He can do whatever, because all his stuff is kuntry and perfecto... and I hope he’s wearing those 407 (517?) Levis.  See you out there. You better get going!!!


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