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Wanna buy a nightclub?

Remember the old Checkmate Club (or, as it was affectionately known back in the go-go 80s as the "Select-a-Mate Club")? Well, it's kinda just sitting there at 4th and Poplar in North Little Rock, not far from Alltel Arena. The owner of the three-story building, Bob McAdams, has kept the liquor license active by opening every so often, and he's also leased it out for private parties, but what he'd really like to do, he tells us, is sell the Checkmate and lease the building. "I'll lease it at a lot better price that what they're getting over in the River Market," he says. Anyway, if you've ever  had the hankering of being a Studio 54 type club mogul, or just want to create your own type of music or dance venue, McAdams has the place for you. Call him at 758-9379.

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