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Natalie Maines: Fergit, hell!


Natalie Maines, according to the Washington Post's "Names and Faces," t

old Time Magazine that though she apologized to President Bush for ripping him a couple of years ago, she takes it all back now.

We gathered that from the Dixie Chicks' new song, "Not Ready to Make Nice."

On more important matters, Natalie, why aren't you fine things scheduled to come back to Alltel Arena after all the love we've shown you? I mean, you've gone from playing our state fair and the bull-riding festival to taking away gobs of money from sellout crowds at Alltel Arena, to just forgetting us? We know we're a "red" state, but we're really a "blue" city. Please Natalie, come back. Or, if you can't manage it, just send the fine-looking sisters. We like them best anyhow.

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