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Kids get ready for Tiger's appearance


Harry King of Stephens Media writes about the First Tee kids in Fort Smith who might get to ask questions of Tiger Woods when he appears May 30 at the Alotian Club in Little Rock for an 7:30 a.m. exhibition before he plays in the Jack Stephens Charitable Golf Tournament. King reports what we have hinted at earlier, that only a few First Tee kids from the Arkansas chapters are actually being invited to see Tiger perform; in fact, the number is about 15 from each, plus a group of kids from Episcopal Collegiate School, which was bankrolled by the Stephens Family, which bankrolled First Tee and bankrolled the $18 million Alotian golf course.

The questions that the kids came up with, as it turns out, are pretty good. The people overseeing Tiger's exhibition likely will pull a few questions that he can answer if he wants to. Apparently, no one will actually have to stand up and ask Tiger a question. One, they'll be too nervous to blurt it out right, probably, and, two, they might be tough for even Tiger to digest, at least in a short time before the tournament starts.

And, can you believe the people who actually have been invited to buy a ticket will have to pay $1,000 to see Tiger swing a few? (Of course, that's a pittance compared to how much the folks actually PLAYING are having to pay, we're told.)

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