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Gettin' Out: Hump day with Phantazmelodia

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AmyB slips in, on her way to her blues show on 88.3 (she's on til 5), saying "Here’s a couple of things that you just gotta see. And hear":

FIRST of all, Phantazmelodia, the band form Fayetteville that we remember here at the Times, for getting it together at the last minute to fill an empty slot at the Showcase, has taken up the task of performing one of he most influential albums in 15 (or more, some may argue) years: "OK Computer" by Radio. Complete with all the blips, and computer generated fuzziness. This I gotta see. 9:30 p.m. at Sticky Fingerz, $5.

And this is something that, more than likely the menfolk out there feel like they just gotta see: At the Electric Cowboy, it’s a panty raid abounding with the finals of the Naughty Nightwear contest, with a showing of the crème de la crème (excuse us) of the scanty wearers…They’ll start struttin’ it at 11 p.m.

Wanna dance? Jazzy’s will hold Chicago-style step and bop dance lessons tonight.

Go say hi to Rob and Tyndall at Cajun’s Wharf, 8 p.m. $5.
Ask them to play the “Fishin’ Song” by Taj Mahal for me.

Also, REALLY keep your eyes and ears open about Runaway Planet’s gear. Some of that stuff is irreplaceable. See the blog item located below.-AmyB

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